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Teaching Christians to Build and Lead Cross-Cultural Ministries.

The MissionShift DVD series

equips Christians to begin to build relationships with these new international neighbors, leading to discipleship. The series' six half-hour long sessions are being used by over 400 congregations, schools and non-profits all over the country. The DVDs also include a FREE written curriculum embedded on each disk, which has discussion questions, Bible studies, games and more. Created for church adult education classes, they're great for small groups, home cells, house churches, young adults and even youth groups. You'll use it again and again. Using nationally recognized speakers, this missional series presents the challenges and methods of reaching our new neighbors in the midst of the greatest human migration in history.

About the DVD Series

The MissionShift Video Series is designed for Adult Sunday School, but is also appropriate for youth groups and Confirmation classes.

Session 1:

The Whole World Has Changed and the Church is Asleep

Session 3:

The Challenge of Race

Session 5:

Welcoming the Refugee

Each video is about a half hour long. The DVD's have ready-to-print discussion guides, worksheets, and other materials.

Session 2:

What is a Culture and How to Cross Cultural Boundaries

Session 4:

The Acculturation Process and How it Affects Ministry to Immigrants

Session 6:

Ways You and Your Congregation can Become Involved

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